Lost Gnome: Irwin!

Onkel Irwin has had a lifelong obsession with alligators, so when he heard that a coworker of mine was headed to Florida, he hopped in his luggage and left. He made it safely to Florida, and had several days enjoying both the Royal Pacific Resort and Universal Studios Orlando.

Alas, we don’t think he ever made it to Gatorland. Onkel Irwin was last seen being escorted from the premises by two uniformed employees of the Royal Pacific, and despite several emails and pleas, particularly from his Aunt Brunhilde, he hasn’t been heard from since.

Anyone seen or heard from Irwin? We worry about him!

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Featured Gnome: Lazy

Lazenius Gnome III, or “Lazy”, as most people call him, is in many ways the exact opposite of Fritz. Lazy is only serious about one thing, and that’s relaxing, usually leaning again one of his favorite mushrooms. That said, he’s taken a leadership role at Gnomeland, leading Gnomeland’s education programs in relaxation, gustatorial appreciation, and mycology.

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Featured Gnome: Fritz

Fritz is a founder, and the third member of the Gnomeland Board of Directors. He’s a very stern gnome, and takes his gnoming seriously. While other gnomes are lazing about and eating mushrooms, he’s, well, being serious.

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Featured Gnome: The Professor

Professor Dr Dr Dr Wolfgang Andreas Hensel Immelman Gnome is a world-recognized expert in Gnome History, Gnome Archaeology, and Gnome Economics, and, indeed, holds doctorates in each of these fields from the Max Planck Institut zur Gnome Geschichte. He has traveled to Gnomeland and sits on its board of directors as an expert in all things Gnomish.

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Featured Gnome: Wilhelm

The founder of Gnomeland, Wilhelm was the first to arrive at Gnomeland, and now literally hundreds of his relatives have come to join him (if you look carefully, you can see the distinct features of Wilhelm’s family in about a third of Gnomeland’s residents).

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