While Gnomeland is indeed a wonderland for gnomes, with over 400 gnomes in residence, some of our gnomes still have some wanderlust and have set out into the world to find some more adventures.  Often, they write, send postcards, and take photos.

Currently, we have several members of the Gnomeland family traveling around the world.  Currently, we’ve got travel reports from:

  • Onkel Matthias, who left to check out our nation’s capital, and has also started exploring nearby regions in VA and NC.
  • Onkel Sid, who left seeking his fortune in the Los Angeles area
  • Onkel Lothar, who loves air travel and airports, as well as a good cocktail
  • Onkel Irwin, who left to go visit Gatorland in Florida, but got waylaid at Universal Studios.   We haven’t heard from him since.
  • Onkel Gimli, who after watching the Extended Edition of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy one too many times, decided to head out to New Zealand.